It’s not about getting rid of the President. We have a society that is caught up in the idea of impeachment. Do you really think President Trump has a chance of being removed from office? Think again.

In regular court, with a jury, you need to get twelve people to come to an agreement regarding evidence. This is not easy. Questionable evidence, emotional bias. and many other factors come into play.

Did you ever wonder why there are so many plea bargains? It is far easier to get someone to agree to a lesser sentence than to get twelve people to agree. 

Also, do you think the prosecutors want to stain their reputations by losing? Of course they don’t. They would rather offer a plea deal that seems unjust. 

The U.S. Justice department is no different. They do not want to lose a case. The chances of Comey, or McKabe, or any of the players involved in lying to the FISA court judges will, most likely, never go to trial. Irrefutable proof is not available. There are too many loopholes in the law. Too many extenuating circumstances. Too many interpretations of actions.

It is no different in regards to impeachment. If the Senate tries the President for some charge, there is not enough, or any, real evidence. At least not enough for the members of the Senate to stake their careers on.

The question is why are they proceeding with the impeachment? 

It’s all about the end game. Our politicians are trying to transform our society. This isn’t done in an election. It is done over the course of time. Will President Trump get re-elected in 2020? Without illegal activities, almost assuredly. 

But, how is the political landscape changing with incessant attacks on the President? Without a doubt, more and more people are starting to believe there must be some substance behind all the claims of the media and the progressives. Even though most, if not all, of the accusations are proven false and groundless, people will continue to believe the diatribes because they heard the negative first and it keeps being repeated.

In the mean time, the landscape is turning blue. Texas is slowly changing to progressive control. In all large population areas, where there is more attention spent on the constant bombardment of the media, the landscape is changing to blue.

What happens in the near future? In the 2024 election the Presidency will be won by whatever Democrat is put forward. Texas will definitely turn blue and the coastal states with the high populations will elect the President. The Senate and House will both come into the control of the Democrats, the progressives.

The political landscape will forever be changed to blue. The rest of the Bill of Rights will be effectively annulled.  Society will become a class system of the elites and the deplorables. The lords and the serfs. The master’s and the slaves.

By not being aware of the meanings of the words being used and the actions being taken, we, the people, are losing our republic.