We listen to our politicians day in and day out. Our leaders. Some of the best legal minds in the country, self-professed.

Which of them would you like in your court if you were accused of a crime? 

After watching the impeachment hearings and listening to the arguments, I would defend myself.

From a critical thinking standpoint, there was none. Our country is in the middle of the NeverEnding Story and the Nothing is about to overtake us. Where is Bastian?

What we had was one of the greatest displays of sophistry (lies and deception) that we’ve seen in modern times.

I got the feeling I was listening to some two or three year old children making up stories to hide something they knew they were going to be punished for. Trying to blame someone else for their own inadequacies and failures. Accusing someone else of the very things they did.

I still don’t know what laws President Trump broke. No evidence. 

Could we at least have a picture of Trump jay-walking? 

I’m sure President Trump is guilty of something. After all, he is a politician. And all politicians are guilty of something or they wouldn’t make so many laws that justify their actions.

One of the issues that is used for a criminal charges is perjury, lying. Is perjury really a crime? A lot of people have served jail time because of it, so in that regard it seems to be a valid crime.

In that case, why do we turn a blind eye to so much lying?

It is accepted for our Representatives and Senators to lie on the floors of their chambers (and traveling to and from their chambers, and when they are performing their duties, and…) with no consequences. They claim it would interfere with their job functioning if they had to defend themselves from lies. Then don’t lie.

According to the concepts of sovereignty laid down in our constitution, authority follows this chain: 



The People 


Elected representatives

Our representatives answer to us. They should not be lying to us. Yet they hardly do anything else.

Picking on the House members running the impeachment, I cannot identify a single shred of evidence they brought up. 

Evidence. Something physical. Something provable

I heard a lot of speculation with no foundation.

I heard a lot of emotional diatribes that were not pertinent to the trial.

I heard no criminal charges. 

Critical thinking is about establishing truth values, getting out of the gray areas into the black and white, true and false. In these terms, all the gray is a lie if there is no evidence. Sophistry. Deception.

I did hear a lot of petulant (childishly sulky or bad-tempered) children who needed to be spanked. 

I am ashamed of the representatives we have voted into office. We have embarrassed ourselves in the eyes of the world.

No we haven’t. The politicians in the rest of the world aren’t any better. Maybe there is something about the position that makes a person brain dead. Maybe we need to require our politicians to wear brain function monitors we can remove them from office when the functioning goes below some incompetency level. 

No, that wouldn’t work. They would be removed before they took office.

Do we have any possibility of a solution?

Yes we do. Term limits. We have term limits on the President. 

The Legislative branch is co-equal with the Executive branch. Why do we allow these people to spend a lifetime in government when it seems they lose a percentage of their brain function every year they are in office?

I think two terms for any of our representatives is more than enough. Local, State, or Federal. We could allow a return to “public service” with, at least, a two year hiatus. If the people want to vote them back in after that, so be it.